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話数 サブタイトル 放送日
01 愛が大好き!キュアラブリー誕生! ナマケルダ 2014-02-02

Deemed too weak to do anything on her own, Hime is tasked with locating her new partner and best friend. Can she get over her shyness long enough to meet someone, and just who will they be?

02 ひめとめぐみの友情!ハピネスチャージプリキュア結成!! ナマケルダ 2014-02-09

After they escape to Hime's hideout, Blue explains everything to Megumi. But Hime feels worried that she wont be able to get over her fears long enough to improve and runs away!

03 秘密がばれちゃった!?プリキュアの正体は絶対秘密!! ホッシーワ 2014-02-16
Megumi struggles with the friendship between herself and Seiji after it's revealed her Pretty Cure identity has to be kept secret. But will she be able to keep this a secret knowing she may risk losing a dear friend?
04 転校生はお姫様!!ひめの友達ゲット大作戦!! ナマケルダ 2014-02-23
Hime is informed that she will be attending school. At first she is in high spirits at the idea she'll be making loads of new friends but throughout the day, she finds herself growing more nervous until she can't take it anymore and goes into hiding. Meanwhile, Megumi struggles to realize she's being too pushy.
05 めぐみとひめ!仲良しおたすけ大作戦!! ホッシーワ 2014-03-02
Megumi and Hime spend the day helping other people out thanks to the PreCards, but when the Phantom Empire take advantage of their helpfulness they fall into a dangerous trap.
06 リボンの優しさ!!料理って愛情なんです!! ナマケルダ 2014-03-09

When Hime wants pancakes over Ribbon's fish dish, she gets upset and kicks her out. A starving Hime encounters Yuko, who helps her learn about how much hard work goes into preparing food for others. When a Saiark threatens to destroy the bento shop, the Cures must protect it.

07 友情全開!!二人の新たなる力!! ホッシーワ 2014-03-16
Megumi shows up early for a planned 'special party' at Hime's house and keeps wanting to help her out despite her protests. Eventually this gets her and Ribbon kicked out and Megumi slowly realizes that she was ignorant of Hime's feelings. While battling a stronger Saiark, they earn a new power!
08 友情の危機!!ミスフォーチュンの不吉な予言!! オレスキー 2014-03-23

Megumi and Hime attend a local festival where they have a lot of fun until they get their fortunes read by a mysterious girl named Hikawa Iona, who tells them that there will be a terrible future ahead of them!

オレスキー, the third general of the Phantom Empire, debuts in this episode.

09 空手でオッス!!プリキュアパワーアップ!? オレスキー 2014-03-30

Megumi and Hime decide to train their bodies in order to become stronger and go to Seiji's karate dojo. However, all they seem to care about is offense. When Kazumi, a student training for a karate exam, is targeted by オレスキー, they must battle the Saiark, but their carelessness leads to their defeat. Can they learn that defense is just as important as offense?

Cure Honey makes her debut in this episode.

10 歌うプリキュア!キュアハ二ー登場!! ホッシーワ 2014-04-06
Hime struggles to focus on anything because of Honey's song being stuck in her head. With Blue gone the girls decide to find out who Honey really is and convince her to join them. Meanwhile, Hitomi, leader of the choir club is busy practicing for the upcoming contest but this only leads to conflict and she runs off. Will the girls be able to find out just who Cure Honey is and help Hitomi before ホッシーワ turns the entire town into a candy land?
11 謎のメッセージ!キュアハ二ーの秘密!! ナマケルダ 2014-04-13

Shocked by the realization that Yuko is Cure Honey the girls ask to learn what happened, eventually leading them to a farm she invites them to. For some reason Yuko will not tell them why she became Cure Honey though...

12 めぐみピンチ!プリキュア失格の危機!! ナマケルダ 2014-04-20
Megumi struggles to find a balance between her normal life and being Cure Lovely.
13 強敵登場!キュアフォーチュンVSプリキュアハンター! ファントム 2014-04-27
A mysterious and powerful adversary known as the Pretty Cure Hunter, or Phantom, targets the Happiness Charge team! Cure Lovely and Cure Fortune tried to attack him, but he easily blocks their efforts! Can they defeat them or will they become one of his many sealed Cures?
14 ヒーロー登場!あいつはいかしたすごいやつ!! オレスキー 2014-05-04
An unknown man appears in this episode. He is seen helping out the Cures against the Saiark. This is the 500th episode of the Pretty Cure series.
15 お母さんに逢いたい!ひめブルースカイ王国に帰る! ホッシーワ 2014-05-11
Hime missed her parents. She infiltrate her homeland and confront Queen Mirage. Can the Cures saves her from Mirage and her group. This episode corresponds with Mother's Day.
16 私はマスコミよ!!プリキュアの秘密全部見せます!! ナマケルダ 2014-05-18
17 努力と根性!!めぐみと誠司の絆!! 2014-05-25